CNBC calls Chick-Fil-A a ‘Cult favorite’

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Apparently, if you like good chicken and are conservative, you are a part of a cult, at least according to CNBC, Chick-fil-a is a popular fast food restaurant for conservatives since their creator held strong Christian values, like no abortion. That get’s you labeled as a cult by the corrupt American media. If the restaurant was a favorite of Antifa terrorists with crappy food that had rat problems, I guarantee you CNBC wouldn’t call it a ‘cult-favorite.’

CNBC calls Chick-Fil-A a ‘Cult favorite’
CNBC calls Chick-Fil-A a 'Cult favorite'

This is the media in 21st century America. Just because an owner of a fast food chain is religious they get the negative connotations of Cult to describe it.

  • Jeff

    I ate there periodically before all this nonsense because I like their food. After the nonsense, I still eat there periodically because I still like their food. Though, if I’m being totally honest with myself, their chicken strips might taste just a bit more savory when seasoned with leftist tears of impotent rage.