Elizabeth Warren’s thugs tearing down signs calling for her defeat

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Rep. Geoff Diehl is a Republican running against corrupt, fake injun Elizabeth Warren in the 2018 election. That Senate seat is considered “safe” Democrat. But people, even in the cesspool filth of KennedyLand of Massachusetts are getting tired of Warren’s schtick. It’s obviously getting to Warren and her thug liberal supporters. They are tearing down signs all over Massachusetts for Geoff Diehl. Why would Elizaeth Warren’s liberal thugs need to do this if Warren wasn’t really in trouble for her Senate seat? If this was such a safe Democrat seat, then why waste the energy?

Elizabeth Warren’s thugs tearing down signs calling for her defeat
Elizabeth Warren's thugs tearing down signs calling for her defeat

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s supporters are now going after signs calling for her defeat in next year’s election. It is another example of liberal intolerance. Moreover, it also reveals her campaign is afraid that Republican state Rep. Geoff Diehl poses a serious threat. Her people are lashing out in rage.

Diehl, who will be running in the GOP primary for U.S. Senate and is considered the likely challenger to Warren, has put together an effective campaign team that is already active on the ground. His message is simple: It’s time to put Massachusetts first. His populist agenda—building the wall, cracking down on illegal immigration, halting the opioid crisis, tax cuts for small businesses and middle- and working-class citizens, gun rights, repealing disastrous free trade deals and ending our constant wars in the Middle East—has the potential to attract not just Republicans, but independents and moderate Democrats. In other words, Diehl can stop Warren’s march to a presidential run in 2020.

Hence, her radical leftist backers are desperate to prevent Diehl’s campaign from taking off. He plans to barnstorm the entire state of Massachusetts. Recently, Warren’s Social Justice Warriors were caught tearing down Diehl signs along Route 3. In particular, the sign that “triggered” them the most was one that read: “Defeat Elizabeth Warren.” When police officers confronted the Warren thugs about their destruction of Diehl campaign banners, their reply was as odious as it was arrogant: We will not allow any criticism of Warren to be displayed in public. This is not just campaign dirty tricks; it is liberal fascism. And it’s a sign of what is to come.

Warren represents more than the progressive-Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party. She embodies the rise of the Alternative Left—often referred to as simply the Alt-Left. This radical, anti-American movement is popular with millennial snowflakes on campus. It considers itself part of the “resistance” to President Trump. Moreover, it champions political violence as a means of social change. On numerous college campuses—Berkeley, Middlebury, Evergreen—Alt-Left activists have burned down buildings, looted ATMs, formed roaming paramilitary groups, beaten Trump supporters and prevented conservatives from simply speaking. It’s no accident their hero is Warren. They love her.

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