About the liberal Democrats claims about KKK

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So all the liberal Democrats and their sycophants are blaming the KKK for today’s violence and deaths on Charlottesville. Of course with David Duke there trying to get media attention and the media’s desperation to pin all conservatives as KKK, we need to remind them and Democrats who the true KKK is. The Democrats are the KKK. The Democrats of the KKK try and claim they have re-branded themselves, and maybe they have. They don’t tell themselves the KKK anymore. They call themselves AntiFa.

About the liberal Democrats claim about the KKK
About the liberal Democrats claim about the KKK

How quickly Democrats, liberals and the media forget that for over 50 years, the Democrat leader in the Senate was Robert Byrd, KKK Grand Dragon. The KKK tried to emulate the Nazi party of Germany, aka Democrat socialists. Who are the Democrat socialists nowadays? Ever hear of bank fraud Bernie Sanders.

I am not like a progressive and deny that there are racist ‘white nationalist’ Republicans. Unfortunately, they do exist. Richard Spencer is a perfect example. If you compare the number of racist ‘white nationalists’ to racists liberal Democrats like black lives matter, or the socialist Democrat who hate Jews, there are far more Democrat, liberal racists than ‘white nationalists.’ The media seems to be hung up on the term ‘white nationalist’ and is pissed Trump didn’t say white nationalist.

Give me a fucking break already. The scumbag who ran over people with a car isn’t a ‘white nationalist.’ He’s a terrorist.