Antifa screams “Fuck off Nazi Scum” at American veteran

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Here is some more fine example of liberal progressives aka AntiFa extremists in action in Boston today. As an American veteren was trying to speak about how the country has to come together, the left wing AntiFa starts starts screaming at him “Fuck off Nazi Fuck!” To all lefitsts, anyone who doesn’t bow down and lick their face masks are Nazis. This wasn’t a Richard Spencer or white supremacist being yelled at. It was a concerned American veteran. Apparently, all veterans are now Nazi fucks to AntiFa and liberal Democrats.

Antifa screaming “Fuck off Nazi Scum” at American veteran

Antifa screaming

Of course, this is what you’d come to expect from AntiFa, Black lives Matters and liberal Democrats. They always hated our military veterans and are once again showing their ugly side. Of course, being that this is in Boston, one of the biggest liberal shit holes in the country, this also seems perfectly fitting. The only thing missing from this was Barney Frank.