Of course.. CNN defends ESPN pulling Robert Lee for ‘offending name’

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What a surprise. From a network who’s main ‘star’ is a decedent of slave holders including Michelle Obama’s family, CNN agrees with ESPN’s decision to pull Robert Lee off the University of Virigina college football game because of his “offending name.” Robert Lee isn’t in any way related to the Confederate general. He’s an Asian-American sportscaster who just wants to do his job. Who does CNN bring in to write this piece of garbage article for them? Someone by the name of Roxanne Jones, a black racist who was a founding editor of ESPN Magazine and former vice president at ESPN. Perfect fit right?

Of course.. CNN defends ESPN pulling Robert Lee for ‘offending name’
Of course.. CNN defends ESPN pulling Robert Lee for 'offending name'

Nope, not unreasonable at all. Not in today’s America. Not when we just witnessed heavily armed, swastika-wearing protesters who believe in white supremacy clashing in the streets with counterprotesters, who believed just as passionately that all people are created equal. Not when one woman is dead and dozens more injured because they had the audacity to stand up to the failed notion of white supremacy. Not when a statue, or a team name, or a presidential tweet can incite racial tensions and violence.
No matter that Robert Lee is Asian-American and his name has nothing to do with the Confederacy or slavery. It seems unreasonable, ignorant and downright ridiculous to associate his name in any way with the Confederate general. Still, nothing we’ve witnessed in Charlottesville, or since, has been reasonable or intelligent.
Nothing we’ve seen in Charlottesville or other cities and towns where these types of protests and counterprotests have sprung up could be called reasonable. It’s disgusting. Killing one another, fighting, chanting Nazi slogans and counterslogans. Still, it continues. We continue.
As racial tensions over police brutality, immigration and other issues have flared over the past several years in our nation, these statues have become lightning rods — symbolizing oppression, hate and the whitewashing of history for many of us, myself included. Others insist these monuments, of which there are dozens across the nation, are a symbol of Southern pride, an important part of American history.

CNN and Roxanne Jones finish their article with this racist dog whistle:

“Let’s not go to the zoo if we don’t have to go to the zoo.”

This is why both CNN and ESPN are the laughingstock of America. Both are bleeding viewers and both are purely liberal propaganda.