Here’s where most ‘dreamers’ are scattered around the country

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Most illegal alien ‘dreamers’ that the media and politicians seem more interested in protecting that actual Americans live in Los Angeles and are from Mexico. There are a reported 800,800 or so illegal alien ‘dreamers’ spread throughout the country. They aren’t all these ‘tech gurus’ from India that the media would have you believe. They are your typical, cheap labor, field pickers that Chamber of Commerce Republicans want for cheap labor and Democrats want for voters.

“Dreamers” are scattered all over the country, not just in California or Texas but also places like North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Virginia.

Here’s where most ‘dreamers’ are scattered around the country
Here's where most 'dreamers' are scattered around the country

If the media and politicians (including many Republicans) love these dreamers so much, why not put them up at their posh, lavish house(s)? Most of these hypocrites have multiple homes. Why not stick a few hundred illegals in your various real estate properties? I don’t mean as laborers either. Give them free room, board, food and college tuition if they wish to go to college

It’s really a sad day in America when media and politicians from both parties are far more interested in protecting illegal aliens at the expense of actual American citizens. This is where we have come in America. It used to be just the communist Democrats who were like these. But now, too many Republicans have John McCain or Jeff Flake amnesty diseases.