CNN Dana Bash mad that Texas tried to ban sale of sex toys

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CNN and the media are totally obsessed over a Ted Cruz staffer liking a porn tweet. So much in fact, Dana Bash bashed Ted Cruz and the State of Texas for banning the sale of sex toys. All of this while Seattle Democrat Mayor who is a pedophile had to resign from office in disgrace after his younger cousin accused him of pedophile. The media is also largely ignoring the Democrat Senator Bob Menendez involvement in a corruption trial which may include pedophilia. None of this matters to CNN or Dana Bash, who is completely obsessed with sex toys. Ted Cruz for his part completely destroy the left wing hack Dana Bash over her and CNN’s obsession with sex toy sales. Watch as Cruz completely obliterates Bash:

CNN Dana Bash mad that Texas tried to ban sale of sex toys
CNN Dana Bash mad that Texas banned the sale of sex toys

This is CNN. When they have nothing on Russia they pivot to something as stupid as this. I’m sure Saturday Night Live will have a field day with on of Cruz’s staffers liking a porn tweet. Ted Cruz himself has no problem with people joking about it, because it is kind of funny. If Ted Ccuz were a Democrat however, you’d never hear a word about it from CNN, SNL or the rest of the corrupt media.

Dana Bash has some sort of sick fixation on sex toys though. I wonder if this is why John King divorced her haggy ass a few years ago? Dare I say, master stroke by Ted Cruz completely destroying Bash and CNN.