Fake News: No, Trump didn’t demand Jemele Hill firing

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The Hill, the wanna be version of Politico is spreading fake news claiming that the Trump White House is demanding that ESPN racist pig Jemele Hill be fired. This is the actual statement from Press Secretary Sarah Sanders:

Fake News: No, Trump didn’t demand Jemele Hill firing
Fake News: No, Trump didn't demand Jemele Hill firing

“That is one of the more outrageous comments that anybody could make and certainly is something that is a fireable offense by ESPN,” Sanders said.

Does The Hill have problems with reading comprehensions or are they just flat out liars? My bet is on the latter. Saying it’s a “fireable offense” is not demanding the fat racist pig Jemele Hill be fired. It’s merely a statement, and a truthful one if any conservative on ESPN said anything remotely like this about Hussein Obama.

In other Fake News in the same article from leftist The Hill, they claim Jemele Hill was reprimanded by ESPN. That’s also fake. Hill wasn’t reprimanded at all. ESPN released a tepid statement yesterday claiming that Hill’s views are not those of ESPN (which is complete and utter BS.)

The Hill used to be a respectable, “moderate” place to go for news. But in recent years they’ve lurched left as Politico did in the late 2000’s. They are nothing more than left wing propaganda spreading fake news. They are basically CNN in print.