Diseased illegals and “dreamers” spread hepatitis in San Diego

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Ah yes, those wonder illegal aliens and “Dreamers” that bring so much to this country. Now they are importing their hepatitis to San Diego, a border city in California and it may spread to more densely populated Los Angeles, a sanctuary city.. How fitting. The diseased illegal aliens are dropping their feces in the streets and spreading hepatitis A.

Diseased illegals spread hepatitis in San Diego
Diseased illegals spread hepatitis in San Diego

San Diego has started washing its downtown streets with bleach in an effort to combat an outbreak of hepatitis A that has killed at least 15 people and infected nearly 400.

The infectious disease has largely infected homeless people in the coastal California city, and part of the issue is an apparent shortage of public restrooms in areas where the population congregates.

Hepatitis A was first identified in the area in early March, according to the county, and declared a public health emergency earlier this month.

A letter from San Diego County health officials stated that hepatitis A is being spread though contact with a “fecally contaminated environment” as well as person-to-person transmission.

The county issued a directive on Aug. 31 demanding that the city carry out street washing and expand public restroom access, adding that “failure to immediately follow this directive will endanger public health and safety.”