AntiFA: Sorry for Mexico earthquake, Texas and Florida deserved hurricanes for Trump support

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No one, except maybe left wing terrorists like AntiFA deserve to go through what the people of Mexico City are suffering from today with that 7.1 earthquake on the anniversary of the worst earthquake in Mexico City that hit on the date in 1985. People in Texas, Lousiana and Florida didn’t deserve to suffer either from the two powerful hurricanes that damaged property, left people homeless and even killed people. But that doesn’t matter to left wing Democrat group AntiFA. In fact, Democrat supported AntiFA wishes the earthquake hit Texas or Florida instead of Mexico city, because they supported Trump. How vile and disgusting can some people be? Let us also not forget that AntiFA is financed by a Nazi (George Soros) and was given $800,000 of Hillary Clinton’s campaign funds. They are sorry for the Mexicans that the Mexico City earthquake hit there today, killing at least 40 so far.

But for people in Texas and Florida, you deserve all the agony, pain and suffering the two major hurricanes did to your state, for one reason. You supported Trump in the election last November.

Another AntiFA twitter account says that Trump deporting illegal aliens back to Mexico is comparable to the greatest 20th genocide because Mexico is “unsafe and earthquake prone.”

Unsafe and earthquake prone? Obviously AntiFA terrorists aren’t very family with California are they?