Hillary Clinton suddenly wouldn’t contest legitimacy of 2016 Election

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Darn. Here I was hoping Hillary Clinton was serious about challenging the legitimacy of the 2016 election. Imagine the can of worms Clinton would have openned on herself, her corrupt camapaign and donors if she did. But suddenly, she’s not so anxious to challenge the elections, legitimacy. She probably released what I just wrote, that it would open a can of worms about the Hillary Clinton campaign, Clinton Crime Foundation and Uranium deal with Russia corruption.

Hillary Clinton suddenly wouldn’t contest legitimacy of 2016 Election
Hillary Clinton suddenly wouldn't contest legitimacy of 2016 Election

“I think no one, including me, is saying we will contest the election,” Clinton said Tuesday during a roundtable interview with Mic in its New York office. “I’m in the very large group of people who believe that, you know, there’s no legal basis, no constitutional basis for that.”

However, Clinton also said there are “serious questions being raised by the congressional investigation,” as well as the inquiry headed by special counsel Robert Mueller.

“I think depending upon what is found in those investigations, it won’t be just me, it will be millions of Americans who raise questions about the legitimacy of the election,” Clinton said.