Anti Roy Moore Republicans chased “womens issues” rumors for years

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As I said earlier in the weekend, this whole kerfuffle with Roy Moore isn’t just Democrat dirty politics. Instead, I believe the main forces behind this Roy Moore smear attempt is by the establishment, anti-populist and anti-Steve Bannon wing of the Republican party. This are still bitter that “Big” Luther Strange lost the runoff. Strange has his hand so far up McConnell’s ass it disappears. That’s why they started this smear on Roy Moore. It includes the usual GOP hacks like McConnell, McCain, Lindsey Graham and other Bush like Republicans.

Anti Roy Moore Republicans chased “womens issues” rumors for years
Anti Roy Moore Republicans chased

Republican strategists in Alabama have for years heard rumors that Roy Moore had “women issues” — a euphemism for sexual misconduct used in the politics business — according to four sources who ran various campaigns against Moore, but they were never able to get definitive proof.

“There’s been a rumor for a while,” said David Mowery, an independent political consultant who first heard the allegations in his role as campaign manager for Bob Vance, Moore’s opponent in a 2012 race for chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. “But I don’t know if anyone knew the extent of it, if you know what I mean,” Mowery added.

Moore is the Republican candidate in a December special election for a U.S. Senate seat in Alabama. Luther Strange, who lost the GOP primary to Moore in September, has also known of the broad allegations against Moore for months, according to two sources with knowledge of the campaign’s activities not authorized to speak publicly on the matter. Opposition researchers from Washington and from Strange’s campaign traveled to Moore’s hometown of Gadsden, Alabama, earlier this year, but were unable to confirm the rumors, the sources said.