CNN defends Franken – says he’s just a comedian

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CNN as usual defended groping pervert Al Franken today when Gloria Borger said that since Al Franken wasn’t in the Senate at the time, he was “just a comedian” so it doesn’t matter as much.

CNN defends Franken – says he’s just a comedian
CNN defends Franken - says he's just a comedian

From there, Borger continued proving this segment as one of political tribalism, declaring that what matters most is “the context in which all of this occurring, which is Moore — Judge Moore — and that has been, you know, brewing and percolating, whatever you want to say, for days and days and days.”

She added that Tweeden’s story will not be “the last” woman to come forward with disturbing allegations, but what came next from Borger was quite disturbing: “This is scratching the surface. He was not a member of the Congress at the time this occurred. He was just a comedian.”

Excuse me? Even with the full context (as just provided), it’s befuddling. “Just a comedian?” Borger would go onto all out the President for the allegations against him over the years, so what words would she use to describe Trump from the 1980s and 1990s?

This one the same day NBC defended Franken calling it a ‘mock groping’ or something:

Yet, MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt described the now-Senator’s predatory behavior this way: “[Franken] took a picture, which his office now says was of a joke, that showed him potentially — not actually groping — but mock-groping her while she was asleep.”

I don’t know what I’m going to enjoy more. Seeing all the slimy politicians get exposed for the sexual harassment or the various liberal media hacks. Must…get….popcorn.