Democrat who sexually harassed Jackie Speier isn’t John Conyers

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Since it’s come out that John Conyers is the latest Democrat sexual predator, people began to wonder, was John Conyers the Democrat that California Rep. Jackie Speier mentioned that sexually assaulted her? Turns out, it’s not Conyers, but a still, as of yet named Democrat.

Democrat who sexually harassed Jackie Speier isn’t John Conyers
Democrat who sexually harassed Jackie Speier isn't John Conyers

On Tuesday evening, CNN’s John Berman asked Speier whether Conyers was one of the sitting members she was referring to last week.
“No, he’s not,” Speier said in the interview on CNN’s “AC 360.”
Asked whether at this point she could name the two members she was referring to, Speier continued to decline.
“I’m respecting that nondisclosure agreement and the victim’s wishes,” Speier said.
The California Democrat, along with Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock of Virginia, among others, has emerged as one of the leading voices in Congress on the issue of sexual harassment and assault. Last month, Speier described instances when she had been harassed and assaulted while she was a young staffer in Congress.
She has come forward with legislation to overhaul Congress’ current system to deal with sexual harassment, mandating transparency and payment by the offender instead of the taxpayer.