Doug Jones defended man with ties to KKK, Holocaust deniers

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Yep. Doug Jones is a true Democrat. Say what you want about the allegations made against Roy Moore. Regardless if they are true or false, at least he didn’t represent a scum like Doug Jones who had ties to the KKK, Holocaust deniers. Google the “Tom Posey+Doug Jones” to find out more about Jones’ ties to the KKK. I bet he was BFFs with Robert Byrd too.

Doug Jones defended man with ties to KKK, Holocaust deniers
Doug Jones defended man with ties to KKK, Holocaust deniers

But while Jones and the media tout his prosecution of the KKK members, his lesser-known record as a private defense attorney in the 1980s is often overlooked. In one case, he defended Tom Posey, the infamous figure during the Iran-Contra scandal, who had ties with the KKK and Holocaust deniers.

Posey was a well-known Alabama extremist activist. In 1983, he founded the Civilian Military Assistance (CMA), a paramilitary group that first provided arms and training to rebels in Nicaragua, but later expanded its activities and gained notoriety in 1986 after holding 15 illegal immigrants at gunpoint after they tried to cross the border from Mexico, the Arizona Republic reported July 8, 1986.
Jones represented Posey in 1987 amid allegations of illegal arms shipping to the Nicaraguan rebels fighting the socialist government at a time when such activity was prohibited as the U.S. was not officially at war with Nicaragua. He got off the charges thanks to Jones’ representation.

It was no secret in Alabama that the group began as an adjunct to the KKK. United Press International reported in 1986, a year before Jones defended Posey, that the CMA “is trailed by hints of shadowy connections, ranging from the CIA to the Ku Klux Klan, and members have been charged with an assortment of Latin American mischief, including gun running, drug smuggling and assassination plots.”

The Jones campaign ignored Fox News’ requests for an interview, instead releasing a statement asserting Jones’ progressive record on civil and human rights.