I don’t want Franken or Conyers to resign… here’s why

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There will undoubtedly be more Democrats revealed of committing sexual harassment just like Al Franken and John Conyers. Many people are calling for these two perverts to resign from Congress. But why bother? Minnesota is a Democrat and has a Democrat governor. If Al Franken resigns, the governor will just appoint another Democrat to fill Franken’s seat and the scandal goes away. with John Conyers, the dude is like 100 years old already and is a Rep. from Detroit. That seat would NEVER go to a Republican anyway.

I don’t want Franken or Conyers to resign… here’s why
I don't want Franken or Conyers to resign... here's why

If you keep Franken and Conyers in the Senate and Congress, it takes away the Democrat’s ability to pull the women card against ANY Republican. It also shows what complete and utter hypocrites the Democrat party are by having perverts like this in this party.

I say, keep these two clowns around. Next time Franken is up for re-election in 2020, run the ads about his serial groping over and over again. The rubes in Minnesota aren’t that smart anyway, so they would probably just vote for him again.

In Detroit, there’s no hope for that left wing Democrat cesspool of a city. If Conyers goes away another, even more slimy Democrat will just take his place.

You keep these two Democrat clowns around, you have a big albatross around their next. What’s the point of getting rid of them if they are just going to be replaced by equally as filthy socialist Democrats?

It’s kind of like Hillary Clinton. I want her to continue to go out there, whine, bitch and moan about how everyone made her lose the election except for her. The Democrats grind their teeth anytime the Clintons’ are on prowl. Keep it up Hillary! Don’t ever change!