CNN wants to ban the term fake news

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Fascist progressive Democrats always want to ban something. That’s why CNN is now actually urging the banning of the term fake news. You can’t really blame the fascists at CNN, since they have become the official “news” network of Fake News.

CNN wants to ban the term fake news
CNN wants to ban the term fake news

This is what progressive fascist Democrat do. Anytime they don’t like something, they want to ban it. Sometimes they call it “hate speech” when you point out the hypocrisy of the left and their history on slavery, the KKK and segregation. Other times it’s guns.

Leftists are always calling for normal, law abiding Americans to give up their legally owned firearms. Then what happens? A left wing terrorist named James Hodgkinson tries to shoot down GOP members of congress practicing for an annual charity softball game.

Other things progressive fascist Democrats are talking about banning is the playing of national anthems at NFL games because it makes the league look like shit when millionaire thug players decide to disrespect the national anthem.

But now CNN actually wants to ban the term ‘fake news,’ so appropriately given to them by Donald Trump. What’s next? Is CNN going to demand the banning of the world bigly? You know that CNN also wants to ban the term “very fake news” which they have also been labeled for.

Here’s a thought to you idiots at CNN (and the rest of you hacks in the fake news media.) After licking Obama’s ass for eight years and never reporting his screw ups, maybe the media should try actually reporting real news under Trump. I know that’s too much to ask since he shreds them on a daily basis and he lives rent free in all their heads. I know it’s tough for the progressive fascist Democrat media to report on a strong economy, record levels in the stock market and lowest unemployment levels since the early 1970’s. But maybe they should just try it once. Maybe then CNN and the racist of the media wouldn’t be such a laughingstock.