San Francisco newspaper says ‘alt-right’ set up Kate Steinle shrine at Pier 14

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After ABC’s fake news today that tanked the stock market, you wouldn’t think the media could get any lower, but they did. The San Francisco Chronicle is now complaining about a shrine, set up in memory of Kate Steinle after the scumbag jurors in San Francisco let the illegal alien off without so much as a man-slaughter charge. A shrine at Pier 14, where Steinle was murdered by Jose Zarate in 2015 was set up by various people and grew larger by the day. The San Francisco fish wrap newspaper says the ‘alt-right’ set up the Kate Steinle shrine. This is an actual quote from the article”

San Francisco newspapers says ‘alt-right’ set up Kate Steinle shrine at Pier 14
San Francisco newspapers says 'alt-right' set up Kate Steinle shrine at Pier 14

Fifty candles flickered in the wind on Friday in San Francisco near the spot on Pier 14 where Kate Steinle took her last walk and whose death set off a national debate over immigration and became fodder for President Trump during his campaign for the White House.
Dozens of red and white roses and other flowers were piled on a bench. Some had notes attached to them, and some of those notes were sad, angry, confused and troubled, reflecting the complexities of a homicide case that riveted the Bay Area and the nation. Much of the shrine appeared to have been started by a self-proclaimed “alt-right” group.

And here are the paper’s tweets:

So lets try and understand the San Francisco Chronicle and leftist’s “thinking” here. You set up a shrine for a murder victim of an illegal alien. You light 50 candles and put red and white roses around the shrine. As people passed by the shrine at Pier 14, the shrine grows larger and larger, even including tearful notes about her death. But somehow, this is an alt-right conspiracy against illegal aliens and it’s all Donald Trump’s fault.

Seriously? Is this what the left wing in this country has devolved into? Setting up a shrine for a victim of a murder who had no known political leaning is now considered alt-right and Trump influenced? San Francisco, not only is your city a disgrace, but so is your media and “press.” I wouldn’t be crying if San Francisco is struck by a big earthquake.