NFL Week 13 thugs who disrespect the anthem, flag and military

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As the NFL continues to lose attendance and TV viewership, NFL thugs continued their “oppression” protests for Week 13 in the NFL. The scum include:

NFL Week 13 thugs who disrespect the anthem, flag and military
NFL Week 13 thugs who disrespect the anthem, flag and military

San Francisco 49ers: Three 49ers players receiver Marquise Goodwin, safety Eric Reid and linebacker Eli Harold — knelt during the national anthem in Chicago. You have two loser teams (San Francisco and Chicago) in two of the most anti-American cities in the country. It’s a perfect fit.

New Orleans Saints: Almost the entire team decided to kneel in solitary for the “oppression” of NFL players who average a salary of $1.9 million.

Miami Dolphins: The same three thugs, Wide receiver Kenny Stills, safety Michael Thomas and tight end Julius Thomas knelt during the playing of the national anthem. In previous weeks these three thugs would hide like cowards in the locker room until the anthem was completed.

Baltimore Ravens: Rookie linebacker Tyus Bowser knelt in the end zone for the beginning part of the national anthem

New York Giants: Olivier Vernon knelt during the anthem before the game against the Oakland (soon the be Las Vegas) Raiders.

Oakland Raiders: Marshawn Lynch remained seated during the national anthem. This is the same tactic that Lynch has played over the past few weeks. This includes the game played in Mexico were Lynch sat through the American National Anthem but stood at attention from the Mexican national anthem.

Tennessee Titans: Wide receiver Rishard Matthews, like a coward stayed in the locker room during the national anthem.

Kansas City Chiefs: Coward cornerback Marcus Peters came out of the tunnel after the national anthem

Los Angeles Chargers: Left tackle Russell Okung raised a black power fist in the air during the national anthem

Los Angeles Rams: Outside linebacker Robert Quinn put his black power first in the air during the anthem