Al Franken groper will resign from Senate ‘in a few weeks’

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The arrorgance that is AL Franken groper knows no end. He decided to give his high on the horse speech on the Senate floor to announce that he will resign from the Senate within ‘a few weeks.’ I don’t know why Franken groper is waiting. Minnesota is as liberal as it gets with a crazy left wing Democrat governor. The Senate seat will obviously stay with Democrats when the governor names Franken’s successor. I guess Franken wants to play the victim for a few weeks before he goes away.

Al Franken groper will resign from Senate ‘in a few weeks’
Al Franken groper will resign from Senate 'in a few weeks'

Al Franken shows how pathetic the populace of Minnesota is. He gets added to a long list of crazies that loony bins in Minnesota have elected. If it’s not Jesse Ventura it’s sexual predator Al Franken. If it’s not Al Franken it’s the only state that votes for Walter Mondale in 1984.

Personally, I would have rather Franken stayed in the Senate. Watching he and the Democrats squirm to try and protect him would have been worth the entertainment value.

As much as Democrats how their sexual predatory behavior will go away with Franken and Conyers gone, they still have Robert Menendez in the Senate who was ‘allegedly’ with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. Then there’s the North Las Vegas Congressman who was accused of sexual harassment and New York Democrat Greg Meeks who used the tax payer funded slush fund to settle a harassment claim.

If the Democrats think their problems are over, they are badly mistaken. The media may cover for them but online sites wouldn’t.