Who am I? I am someone who until about 2008 never cared much, or paid much attention to politics. I’ve never been for one political party or the other. Of course, during Presidential elections, i’d pay some attention. I first became eligible for vote in 1990. I naturally admired Ronald Reagan as a kid during the 1980s, but never considered myself a “Republican”. My Presidential voting record goes like this:

1992: George H.W. Bush
1996: Bill Clinton
2000: Al Gore
2004 George W. Bush
2008: John McCain

So in 5 Presidential elections, I’ve voted Republican 3 times, and Democrat twice. Maybe that automatically makes me a “right-wing-extremist” by today’s standards. Why didn’t I vote for Barack Hussein Obama? Mainly because of his policies he proposed (even while running while trying to a appear a moderate, even though he’s proven to be the most leftist President in history). Of course that’s not the only reason why I didn’t vote for Obama. I also didn’t like his associations obviously. I didn’t feel he was one to protect us against Muslim terrorists hell bent on destroying this country. Another thing I didn’t/don’t like about Obama is his arrogance. Lastly, the absolute media slurpfest for the man, and witch hunt against Sarah Palin made me realize any little bit of respect I had for democrats, after the whole Fannie Mae/Freddy Mac/Barney Frank fiasco just went out the door. This doesn’t mean I will never vote democrat again, but that party will have to change dramatically for that to happen. Now that i’ve bored you with my story, here’s the story about my site.

FireAndreaMitchell.com is a site devoted to exposing the American media’s liberal bias against anything and everything not considered liberal AND their favoritism of Barack Obama. Why FireAndreaMitchell.com? On August 17th, 2008, Ms. Mitchell appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press and basically accused John McCain of “listening in” on Obama’s answers to the questions posted to him by Pastor Rick Warren. The exact same questions were posed to John McCain AFTER Obama. John McCain was in a “Cone of Silence” room as Warren stated, yet because McCain’s answers, forceful, and doesn’t come up with cop outs like “above my pay grade”, Ms. Mitchell assumes John McCain, somehow wasn’t in the sealed off room and was listening to answers so he could prepare himself. that means the other candidate is either cheating or listening through some secret wall?

As if the media liberal bias in favor of Obama wasn’t bad enough before this accusation, such as the three major networks traveling with Obama to the middle east and Europe on his “victory tour”, NBC’s Mitchell has basically called McCain a cheater.

The American media is SUPPOSED to be unbiased when it comes to the candidates and report on EVERYTHING that pertains to the nation, regardless of their own personal feelings, but as Ms. Mitchell and NBC have proven in this little episode, this is far from the case. Its time to stop the liberal media’s cover ups of anything a liberal such as Obama does, and always whine or question a conservative does.

This blog is not supported by any political or third-party organizations. I am a conservative (not a Republican) with libertarian leanings. If you are looking for an Obama or Marxist Democrat butt licking blog, this site probably isn’t for you. This site is also not ‘politically correct.’