Not god Bless America, NO NO NO! God DAMN America! – Rev. Wright – Obama’s Pastor for 20 years.

Wright God Damn America

Chicago is sure loaded with “Great Americans” now aren’t they? Jeremiah Wright God Damn America “sermon” is now world famous. The mainstream media will go on and on to try and protect Rev Wright’s God Damn America till the bitter end to protect Barack Obama. The usual excuses for Rev. Jeremiah Wright are “it was taken out of context” are common used by CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, etc. Now what kinds of things might this piece of garbage Rev. Wright have said to his pews during Barack Hussein Obama’s 20 years of attending? There are many videos of utter garbage spewed by this racist, hateful, and now thankfully retired pastor. Here is one of his “all time hits”. The Wright God Damn America Video:

God Damn America indeed!